Love is a Healing Force

My heart is to give a gift of love. ‘Emily’ is a book that I would like out into the world and into the hands of as many people as possible. I would like everyone who reads it to receive something, and hopefully that something is faith, hope and love.  Love being the most important, it is the most powerful emotion that everyone needs every day.

There are many aspects of life and love to delve into, in this book; one of them I would like to talk about is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is only in this modern age that society has actually become aware of this very crippling condition; it has always been there but never labelled or accepted.  It has been buried under many carpets and affected many lives.

There are many reasons or circumstances why this condition may occur, trauma from war, floods, fire, earthquakes, accidents, abuse, and anything that causes fear and terror.

In the story of ‘Emily’, our main character Emily is rejected and starved of love, and Nick and Dimmy, suffered from the loss of their daughter in a car accident leaving them mentally and emotionally broken.

Dimmy had a ‘knowing’ that they shouldn’t travel by car but by plane, to their holiday destination.  It was so strong in her, she pleaded with Nick and her daughter to change their plans but was overruled by both, this caused an anger towards Nick that effected their relationship.

Nick’s sister Kath, a professional psychologist, gently guided them patiently with love.  Kath knew that Nick and Dimmy still loved one another, so she was confident that with time they would both heal.

Nick and Dimmy, who owned Green Coastal Wildlife Park and had to run the Park together, were advised by Kath that they should live separately but in close proximity, while they worked through the PTSD.  This way any negativity and anger that Dimmy felt towards Nick was avoided as much as possible.

So Nick built a beautiful cabin for Dimmy with a view of ‘Bellbird Gully’, surrounded by the calming sounds of the bellbirds, other native birds and the wildflowers and scents of the bush.  It was a place of peace and tranquility with a wrap-around verandah and a three-seater swing, so she could look out on the view and take in the ambience.

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Dimmy and Nick, were well aware of the damage stress can have on the body, they kept an eye on one another making sure they were eating nutritious foods, taking extra nutritional supplementation, and exercising every day.

The Rangers, of the Park were all part of the family, at Green Coastal Wildlife Park; they were also counselled by Kath and were asked if they would be sensitive, loving and positive towards Nick and Dimmy and not to ask them questions about the accident. The couple wasn’t to be pressured to talk about it, as it could make things worse. It was important for Nick and Dimmy though, to know that there were people around them that were ready to listen when they wanted to talk.

Kath told Nick and Dimmy that it was important for them not isolate themselves but to mix with those that they felt comfortable and to continue to be part of the social activities in the Park.  The Rangers all conspired to have more fun times like cricket and barbecues on the beach.

Gradually the couple started to spend time together swimming, bushwalking, or just sitting on the verandah having a cuppa, enjoying each other’s company once again.  They were taught distraction techniques of taking up new projects and research to fill their minds with good things, enabling them to live life with more stability; this began to strengthen their relationship.

So when Emily enters into their lives they were ready mentally and emotionally to share their support and love, they were able to reach out to this traumatised little girl.  When Dimmy became aware of how much Emily and her Great Grandmother had been through, it enabled her to let go of her own fears and be filled with pure love.  The threads of love entwined around their hearts, healing and strengthening each one of them.

May the gift of love – an ever powerful force – heal and give strength to your life today.

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‘Emily’ the book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Angus and Robertsons/Bookworld and other online stores in paperback and ebook

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