Merry Christmas 2016

My Christmas gift to you – an Aussie Christmas.

At Christmas most people, enjoy the presence that is in the atmosphere, as they celebrate with their loved ones.  This is the true gift of Christmas, it is about love, the most powerful force in the whole universe, and it has the power to heal the  brokenhearted.

However, if  you find it hard to celebrate Christmas or the holiday season, for whatever reason; if you have no family, have lost a loved one, are far from home, or struggle in some way … my hope is…that this little video will warm your heart, brighten your day and give you peace this Christmas.

Our motto for this coming year should also be, to pursue love, reaching out to one another with kindness, and in doing so, this world will be a better place. We will all live happier, more fulfilled lives; as we feel the love return to us, and grow in our hearts.

If you would like to read my book ‘Emily’, it will touch your heart, it is full of love, and hopefully, it will lift and inspire you.  It is available from , AmazonAngus & Robertson/Bookworld – Merry Christmas everyone!

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I am the author of 'Emily' the book and the writer of the Threads of Love Book Series. The book I am working on at the moment is the next in the series called 'The Red Hat - Perceptions'. All my books will have threads of love entwined throughout them, in the hope that love, will capture your heart, allow you to appreciate life and believe for the impossible.

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