Clean Indie Reads – Author Interview

I would like to thank for this author interview and showcasing ‘Emily’, the book.

Emily is blessed with an optimistic charismatic personality and is adored by everyone except her parents. Her loving Great Grandmother Ruby fights to give Emily the right to life, and raises her on love and good, old-fashioned values. Ruby encourages little Emily to succeed and excel beyond all odds, with her simple faith which propels her towards her highest hope of finding the love she craves.

Orchestrated by a series of miracles, the thread of love entwines around the broken hearts of three people, bringing them together and healing them completely.

“This brilliantly written gentle story will take you on a journey with a powerful message for all of us to remember what life and our human needs are about.”

“Even though I cried at times, I was left with a sense of hope and was uplifted; it was a simple story full of life, love and promise. I highly recommend it to everyone from youth to the mature, with its good values throughout, I’m reading it again and look forward to Margaret’s next book.”

“I love how love can change and heal, it’s so true and I thank God for this book, because it hasn’t only changed me but my parents and all for the better too.”

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CIR: What inspired you to write Emily?

LOVEDAY: In 2010, I was told by someone very close to me, just before he passed away, something I will never forget. He said Margaret … love is the most important thing in life, pursue love, live in love, walk in love, and speak in love. Then, several years later, I had a dream which was so intense and so real, I woke up crying. I found I had a desire to write the dream down, and this became the storyline of Emily. At this stage I didn’t realise the connection between the message of love I was given and the dream, but as I worked on the book and saw its potential, I realised that message was the pivot and the inspiration for it all.

CIR: What messages and themes do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

LOVEDAY: I believe it was a miracle that the message I wanted to express was woven throughout the pages with threads of love. With messages of faith, hope and love; inspiration to capture the heart, appreciate life and believe all things are possible. Now, I have realised that I enjoy story telling with a mission to touch lives with powerful topics that are woven delicately throughout a fictional tale. I believe that this book has something to impart to the world. The power of love is not just romantic love but a most pure form of love that encompasses many aspects and has the, possibilities to heal humanity and the earth; the environment, nature everything. That sort of Love can bring hope in a hurting world. Big expectations, yes. However, if we can touch one person at a time, it can make a difference.

CIR: What is the main character like?

LOVEDAY: Emily, the main character is blessed with an optimistic, charismatic personality. She is extremely independent and intelligent and, with her simple faith and determination, she plans to follow her heart, towards her hopes and dreams. I am quite interested in the origins and meaning of names and how they impact the lives of the bearers. Emily is a powerful, optimistic, charismatic name and these are the characteristics I needed for Emily. Interestingly, I had given her the name, decided to name the book Emily, then I checked the meaning and was amazed that it was definitely meant to be!

CIR: Are any of the characters based on people you know?

LOVEDAY: Having worked in the field of health for many years, I have listened to the stories of many people from different walks of life. There is, I believe, a little bit of these experiences and the people who have crossed my path, in the characters, and a little bit of me and some of my life experiences as well. I have found that many of the people who have read Emily tell me they can relate to the characters and their experiences, and this touches their hearts in a most moving way.

CIR: Is there another book coming?

LOVEDAY: Emily is the first in a series of novels I hope to write. I have seven more stories, and all of these will connect in one way or another with each other. I am currently working on my second novel, The Red Hat, which explores relationships and misconceptions carried by gossip and the negative effects that may occur and the impact upon the lives of others. But it has more than that, it can make you cry, it can make you laugh and parts will help you to keep your fingernails trim! There will be some characters from Emily who will turn up within the story, plus some new ones and always the threads of love will be evident. Hopefully this story will leave the reader uplifted and inspired.

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