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The Common Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea), also called the Eastern Koel

Common Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea), also called the Eastern Koel male c

In my book, ‘Emily’, I love to share about nature; I developed a fictional wildlife park, ‘Green Coastal Wildlife Park’, to teach people about the wonders of the environment, aboriginal culture, the Australian bush and beach, native plants and animals and the connection of each, and the characters of the book, as well. It is amazing how the more I share, about these subjects; the more I learn, the more my passion grows.

One day, as I sat in my garden, sipping on my tea and watching the nature that surrounded me, a male Koel, which I had noticed for a few years, jumped onto my blueberry bush and ever so gently ate three of my choicest berries. When he had had his fill, he jumped onto the edge of the bird bath to have a drink, and that’s when he saw me, and that’s when I took his photo.

Two weeks later, I saw, and managed to take a photo of the female Koel; this experience made me curious to know more about these striking birds and about some of their amazing character traits!

 female koel c

Here are some of my interesting facts; I thought might be nice to share.

The Koel is a member of the cuckoo family, it is also known as the rain bird or storm bird, as its call is usually more prevalent before or during a stormy weather.

The male has glossy black feathers and red eyes, where the female has glossy brown upperparts, heavily spotted with white, and a black crown. The upper parts of her body are generally buff-cream with numerous fine black bars, she has dark eyes; very pretty.

The young resemble the adult female.


 Like I said above they have some amazing traits, being migratory birds they fly into Australia from their northern winter homes, New Guinea, Indonesia and possibly the Philippines to breed in late September and October.

What they do then, is find a ready-made nest, then lay one single egg in the nest and leave.  Once the egg is hatched the chick forces the other eggs and hatchlings out of the nest.  The chicks then becomes very vocal and demanding, cheeping constantly, while the foster parents, who are usually natives, and smaller in size, desperately search for food.

These foster parents are usually the Red Wattlebird, Noisy Friarbirds, Large Honey Eaters, Maggie-Lark and the Fig Bird.

Numbers of the Koel are increasing due to the abundant increase of their host.  During the breeding season they are found in Northern & Eastern Australia, South to Nowra, New South Wales, and tend to leave southern Australia around March.

The Koel adult is usually a shy bird; they can be heard more than seen.


They are found in tall forests, woodlands, plantations and seen also in suburban gardens.


They love their fruit meal, for example, berries, with a special preference for figs, taken directly from the tree.

I think they like grapes and they definitely like my blueberries.  I have a fig tree too, now I know who has been nibbling on these.

It is lovely having a garden that can be a haven for birds, and small animals. I always have the birdbath filled with water especially ready for the hot days; I never use chemicals like herbicides, pesticides or weed killers in my garden, it will only affect these beautiful animals that visit, and the environment, not good for them or me.

If you would like to read my book ‘Emily’, which is a story about Emily’s journey of love, it showcases the Australian beach and bush, and good clean concepts of relationships. It is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Angus and Robertson/Bookworld, and other online stores.  It is available in paperback and ebook, so you can enjoy this beautiful story.

Love and Appreciate the Gift of Nature

By Margaret Ann Loveday   (Lecturer and Guide on Wildlife.  Lover of Nature)


Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, Wikipedia

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The Tragedy of Gossip

Gossip IMG_2044 c

Let us not under-estimate the destructive power of gossip, it is not something to be taken lightly, it is is a form of verbal and emotional abuse.  One could go as far to say, it is a form of terrorism; using not an explosive or gun, but a negative tongue.

The definition of gossip

Some people call it being a tale bearer, and no, I don’t mean your cat or dog!

Some of the definitions I found include:

  • Unconstrained conversation or reports about people, typically involving details which are not true.
  • Idle talk or rumour, especially about private affairs of others
  • Exaggerated or fabrication of a story, regarding somebody other than the tale bearer
  • To spread rumours or secrets, speak about someone maliciously behind their back.

Gossip c

Gossip leaves a trail of destruction

After the gossiper has done the deed, it can affect the life of the victim, of this malicious gossip, to devastating proportions, affecting health, relationships between family, friends, business, life … just like that.

Does anyone have the right to destroy another’s life with their tongue?

To what end, and for what purpose is it to the gossiper, to gossip? Is it to elevate themselves above the victim?

We see this in the ‘tall poppy syndrome’, many high profile people; presidents prime ministers, entertainers and business people have experienced this in their careers.

Look at the gossip magazines which feed the world with a diet of gossip, is it desensitising the act of gossip, justifying and teaching the young children and adults, that it’s okay to gossip?

Why gossipers gossip?

It stems from a lack of self-esteem, which stems from lack of love.  How important is Love then, for every person on this planet, to their health and the wellbeing of their lives?

What do we do if we are victim to gossip?

Be mindful who we share our private thoughts and lives with, and with whom we associate.

If we are a victim, then walking in the maturity of love, will be the only way we will be able to stop holding onto negative emotions like anger, and forgive.  Forgiving is important as it allows us to live free of its corrosive effects, love gives us this strength.

This doesn’t mean we have to associate with the gossiper, it is best to keep away, as they already have a talent to twist the truth and this will only add to more stress.

It is best not to talk about or read the gossip, keep your mind on good things.

The victim has a choice to hold onto the injustice mingled with anger or hold on to and press into a healthy emotion … Love!  It will deliver peace and joy back into your heart and mind.

Love is what heals the broken hearted it is the most powerful force in the whole universe

How do we grow in this love that we need?

  • Whenever you hear ugly gossip about someone, love will say, ‘I don’t like hearing this.’ Instead of telling everyone what you have heard, you will want to cover and hide it for that person’s sake.
  • Know that Pure love is in your heart and it has the power to heal, to dissolve all negativity.
  • Associate with family and friends that love you, receive their Love, they will find ways to comfort you. Have a cuppa and talk about good things, give them a hug, receive a hug.
  • Find someone in need and bless them, this is you giving love and it feels good.
  • Appreciate the simple things in life, keeps you positive and thankful.
  • Be thankful for all that you have, all that you have done, or going to do. If you are touched by reading this because you have been hurt, here is a hug from me … see love is chasing you!
  • Get up early in the morning and experience a majestic sunrise, see it as a personal gift to you, leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed.
  • Read uplifting books, and the New Testament also contains a few gems that may be helpful.
  • Go for a walk to the park, bushland or the beach and experience the soothing effect of nature, the sounds of children playing, people smiling, the birds singing, and the sound of the wind through the trees. This list is endless.

You will experience a heart of gratitude, and anger will slip away if you choose to pursue love.

A person with a heart of appreciation and thankfulness is one that grows deeper into the understanding of the power of love and its potential to heal the broken heart.

Our motto should be this:

Crushed like grapes c

A few last words

Let us all pursue love and in doing so, this world will be a better place and we will all live happier lives, and won’t need to entertain ourselves in negative things like gossip.

In my book ‘Emily’, Grandma Ruby took over the role of mother, when Emily was rejected as a baby. Ruby gave Emily the love she needed to grow and succeed in life.  Ruby also protected Emily from her negative parents, and taught her always to speak and walk in love.  Emily was shown how to respond to others with respect and never to speak with negativity or gossip of her parents or her circumstances.

A strong foundation of love and security was established for Emily, giving her a maturity beyond her years, the confidence to walk in love, follow her heart, and having a heart of appreciation and gratitude it propelled her towards her greatest hopes and dreams.

Margaret Ann Loveday

‘Emily’ is a story of love, love that will capture your heart, appreciate life and believe all things are possible.

when you have love you live in abundance c

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Angus and Robertson/Bookworld and other online stores.

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