The Miracle of Love

Margaret Loveday – Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Life can be viewed differently, depending which way we choose.  With thankfulness and appreciation in our hearts, one can look around and see a series of miracles unfolding throughout each and every day.

I have seen many miracles in my own life, for which I am forever truly thankful, and in the lives of so many others, this subject never ceases to fascinate, lift and inspire.

This is how Emily, the main character in my book, lived her life, and this is why she saw her miracles unfold.

This story below is a real life story, and a beautiful example of the miracle of love, it is the story of twins Brielle and Kyrie Jackson.

On the 11th October, 1995 twin sisters Brielle and Kyrie Jackson were born 12 weeks prematurely.  Brielle’s life was threatened by breathing and heart complications, while her sister Kyrie was recovering quite well.

While they lay in their separate incubators at Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, Intensive Care Unit, the nurse on duty, Gayle Kasperian, found that Brielle was getting worse and even changing colour, as she struggled to breathe.  In desperation to save the baby, Gayle broke the hospital policy of the time, and placed the twins together in the same incubator.  Within minutes Brielle had snuggled up to Kyrie, and calmed down.  Brielle fell asleep and Kyrie who was the stronger of the two sisters, wrapped her tiny arm around her sister, as if to give her comfort and love.


With this touch of pure love, Brielle’s heart rate stabilised, and her temperature returned to normal.  This act of love was called ‘the rescuing hug’, and was published in the Readers Digest and Life Magazine in 1996.

The twins both thrived and returned home after 2 months and apparently they slept in the same bed till after they were 5 years old.  The miracle of love, pure love in the powerful form of the loving touch…healed.

In my book ‘Emily’, Grandma Ruby and then Nick and Dimmy were the ones who gave the gift of love to Emily, which healed her and made her thrive, and in return Emily’s love, touched their lives.

41. love heals

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