Welcome – Book Overview

‘Emily’ is a story of love’s journey,  it is a story of adventure, family, hopes and dreams fulfilled.   Set in an Australian beach and bush setting it encompasses the beauty of the environment and the Australian culture.

Emily is blessed with an optimistic charismatic personality and is adored by everyone except her parents. Her loving Great Grandmother Ruby fights to give Emily the right to life, and raises her on love and good, old fashioned values.  Ruby encourages little Emily to succeed and excel beyond all odds, with her simple faith which propels her towards her highest hope of finding the love she craves.


Orchestrated by a series of miracles, the thread of love entwines around the broken hearts of three people, bringing them together and healing them completely. Margaret has enjoyed putting this story together, in the hope that it has the potential to touch everyone in some meaningful way.

After all, love is the most beautiful gift to possess in life.  It is the most craved and sort after healthy emotion that we all want and need everyday of our lives. The gift of love is an ever powerful force that heals and gives strength to everyone’s life.

‘Emily’ is available from Amazon, Barnes and NobleAngus and Robertson and other online stores, in paperback and ebook